Top 3 Tips for Storing Sports Gear

Does every member of your family have a different hobby? With each sport, comes all the accessories and you need a place to store them. When the sports start to clash, seasonal storage at Stored Away Self Storage is the answer. Our tips will give you back space around the house and keep you ready for the big game. This month we are not only focused on storing sport equipment but also your one of a kind collection.

Sneads Ferry NC seasonal storage

Wash and ready to store

After the season is over, give everything a good run through the washer. Anything else not able to get clean in the washer should get wiped down and disinfected. This helps keep germs away and keep gear fresh. When you store uniforms and equipment or tailgating supplies, you want your gear ready with no delay.

Inventive use of space

Do most of your sporting accessories end up in the garage? Use some ingenious ways to save space. For example, using your ceiling as a way to store the bike is a great use of space. Secure a few hooks and hang your larger outdoor equipment up out of the way. Another quick way to save space is by securing a small piece of wood in between studs on the wall. This is a great spot for sticks and bats.

Protect the valuables

Is your sports collection continuing to grow? Give your treasures the space they require with a storage unit. You can place the cards in a plastic cover or reuse an old photo album to keep dust off them. The newspaper clippings are best secured behind glass.

If you want the most security for your belongings Stored Away Self Storage is the best solution. Our self storage facility provides the extra seasonal storage amenities you want. Talk with our experts to start renting today.

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