Step by step staging tips and self storage solutions

Are you prepping to sell your home come spring? When the weather gets warmer it is prime moving season, how do you get your current space to look its best fast? With self storage solutions from Stored Away Self Storage moving is easier. From all the paperwork, scheduled showings, and prepping your home, selling one house and moving to another is a big undertaking. Do the step by step staging ideas below so you can post the sold sign sooner.

Sneads Ferry NC self storage options

Remove your belongings

It is hard to take a look at your house from an outsiders point of view, so ask a friend to come and help. With their unbiased opinion they can tell you what is working for your house and what needs a little more attention. Present a clean open environment for buyers to explore and plan how they will decorate. simplify your possessions by half if not more and protect them in storage. This gets you working towards the ultimate goal, moving! When it comes time to pack everything and move your family ready.

Counter tops and cabinet space

When someone is looking to purchase a new home they explore everything. This includes, cabinets, pantries, and even closets. Keeping these storage areas clean and about 50% full will be a great example of how to best use space around the house. Put mixers and toaster in a box for storage along with other kitchen utensils not being used. If you use these on a regular basis make sure they are neat and clean before the next showing.

The complete clean

Every room should get the much needed attention with cleaning supplies, especially the bathroom. Make this room sparkle, even in the tough to reach places. You want to show your potential buyers how well the house was taken care of.

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