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Where to recycle in Sneads Ferry, NC

Fall is right around the corner, get your summer gear ready for winter with Stored Away Self Storage. As well as our secure storage units, we have solutions to help you recycle items you do not want. With our help you can enjoy fall fun and save space by organizing and recycling. Our guide will walk you through recycling in Sneads Ferry, NC.

recycle Sneads Ferry NC

Sort through summer equipment going in and also winter tools coming out. Dividing useful tools from damaged items is an easy way to decide what is for donation and what goes to storage. Donate and recycle rather then throw away, anything broken or no longer useful. Go green this fall and recycle your gear.

Computers are tricky to get rid of, since they have a lot of information, so leave it to the professionals. If you have extra electronics after the office is upgraded, talk with the tech support team at a nearby Best Buy. Your local refuse company may also be a solution to disposal.

After you choose the dream living room set, call the Habitat for Humanity in your neighborhood for donation times. They will move household furniture and more to those who need it most.

As for the hazardous or odd materials like fluorescent bulbs, check first with your city offices for convenient locations to recycle hard to dispose materials.

From week to week our grocery bag collection increases. Reuse them around the house for small garbage bags or take them back to the market. Many food stores are a drop off location for plastic bags or you can simply use them on your next shopping trip.

Stored Away Self Storage cares about our environment and your belongings. Use these tips to keep Sneads Ferry, NC recycling as well as beautiful. Stop in to talk with our storage experts about storing all your gear for cooler weather.

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