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Preparing Your Motorcycle for Winter

Soon there will be snow on the ground and hot chocolate to drink but before the weather changes you need to start preparing your motorcycle for winter. The last ride of the season is coming follow this easy process to prepare your bike.

Preparing Your Motorcycle for Winter

How to Prepare Your Motorcycle for Winter

  •  Indoor storing will cause the least amount of harm and offer a controlled environment. If possible utilize an indoor facility such as a garage.
  • The battery will lose its charge if not used for a long period. Either attach a battery tender or remove the battery to keep the energy available for restart.
  • To get on the road faster at the first sight of spring give your bike a full oil change. Dirt accumulates over the riding season so replace the old oil, oil filters and oil plugs when prepping.
  • Non-breathable covers such as plastic tarps can trap moisture and easily allows vermin underneath. Supply your motorcycle with a protective all weather cover.
  • Stop unwanted pets like mice and rats from causing damages internally by masking off areas that are open, such as tail pipes.
  • Make sure there are no ripped lines and the fluids are filled to the brim. Consequently, leaving any room the tanks can make the perfect storm for corrosion.
  • Using a cover made from natural material and breathes will therefore keep the paint and upholstery fresh and protected.
  • Keep your bike safe from unwelcome harm and prying eyes by finding a location out of sight and locked securely. As a backup keep the current insurance up to date.
  • Winter is a great time to complete large maintenance and customization projects before taking it back out on the road.

These are some examples of preparing your motorcycle for winter. Stop by Stored Away Self Storage in Sneads Ferry, NC, to talk with one of experts, who can offer more suggestions for preparation and show you our available vehicle storage options.

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