Packing tips before you arrive at the storage unit

How do you prepare for storage? Trust the experts at Stored Away Self Storage when you need help packing for long term storage. The sunny days of summer are on their way so use our storage packing tips to get ready. We will help you store your family heirlooms along with swapping out seasonal equipment. Let us guide you through storing when the weather gets nice.

The nicer weather also makes us want to de-clutter our homes, did you know a small storage unit is perfect for a quick home improvement project? Our Wilmington NC storage facility has large and small units to accommodate any storage needs you come across.

Wilmington NC storage packing tips

  • First gather a few supplies like boxes, tape, and even a few dust covers. If you have pallets or old 2x4s around the house, you can use these to keep boxes off the ground.
  • A large blanket stops your artwork from getting damaged along the way, but tape the glass pane to stop it from shattering.
  • Your plates and glasses should be individually wrapped and packed upright, possibly in their own box.
  • Keeping everything tightly packed is the goal but do not forget to leave a path to the back row of boxes in case you need in them.
  • Tidying up before you start putting things in boxes helps store everything with similar items. Avoid the miscellaneous box.
  • Gaps under tables, chair legs, in dressers, are all valuable space to store, do not leave these areas empty.
  • If you are moving to a new house but preparing to sell, keep a box off to the side for the new house. This will be the very first box unpacked and should have essential items, like hand soap.
  • A protective barrier between each plate or bowl helps absorb any moving while in transit to storage.

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