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Moving & Storing: 5 Tools You Will Need

Ready to reclaim your space? Stored Away Self Storage can make swapping your belongings for space at home or around the office easy with our storage supplies for sale on site. We offer more than a convenient place to store your belongings or park your car. Stop in the office today to check all the items off your shopping list when it is time to move.

Every Tool Support Our Community

Stored Away Self Storage is starting our charity season with the Susan G Komen foundation and we need your help. We will donate a portion of all our products purchased during the month of October to this organization; this is another reason to stop by our Sneads Ferry NC location for moving tools.

What Storage Supplies Do You Need?

Many of our customers are new to self storage and may need help finding the right tools to get the job done. Our experts in the office are here to answer all your questions. These are our top 5 recommendations when looking for storage supplies in Sneads Ferry NC.

  1. Packing Tape
  2. Furniture Covers
  3. Mattress Covers
  4. Bubble Wrap
  5. Boxes of All Sizes

Our team is confident and knowledgable and can assist with how many items you should budget for. U-Haul’s supply calculator is another useful tool for budgeting.

Check out our storage calculator to find the right storage unit! We keep our storage prices equal with the industry so you can stay on budget.

Did you know Stored Away Self Storage is a U-Haul moving truck rental in Sneads Ferry NC? We are your one-stop-shop for moving and storing in the area. Call us to set up a tour or come to the office.

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