Making Moves Easy: Long Distance Moving Checklist

What to bring? Who to update? Where to store? Making big moves for your family can be organized and efficient with our Sneads Ferry NC storage space and moving tips. Stored Away Self Storage has a checklist for all these common moving questions. It seems the bigger the move the more questions there are and storage can help while you figure out the answers. Our experts are here to help you store for long distance moving.

Selling your current house? Start staging with storage and making each room spacious and open by storing with us! Relocating temporarily out of state? Store your belongings with Stored Away Self Storage while you make the latest moves!

Moves Sneads Ferry NC

What to Pack?

Now is a great time to make a few edits to your belongings. Moving a whole house will require some organization, so start packing early. Have a fresh new start in the pantry by getting rid of products past their prime. Expired goods should be thrown away and food you will not use should be donated. Remember you will need to restock at the new house, this checklist will help with restocking.

On moving day make it easy for your moving company to come in and move your belongings to the truck with a clear path. If there are boxes you need as soon as you arrive at the house, leave them off to the side with a note stating last to load.

Who to Update?

Your address needs to be updated as soon as possible. Many times you can notify businesses and other agencies before your move, that way all you need to do is confirm. How many times have you moved and forgotten all the places you need to update your address? This common problem is solved with checklists.

Storage space during your move can make the transition a little easier. If you are coming to the Sneads Ferry NC area, Stored Away Self Storage can be the solution. Our drive up storage units, close to Holly Ridge NC and Camp Lejeune NC provide an easy home away from home for your belongings.

Give us a call or reserve a storage unit for the latest moves online!

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