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We Love Our Sneads Ferry, NC Community

Why do we love our Sneads Ferry, NC community? Stored Away Self Storage is proud to be a local business in North Carolina. There is so much to explore in the area and we have chosen our favorites to share with you! Below are a few events, restaurants and places we think make our little spot on the map special.

Sneads Ferry, North Carolina

Our small town of Sneads Ferry, or also known as The Ferry, is nestled in Onslow County between Jacksonville and Wilmington. This small town originated in 1971 and was named after a gentleman by the name of Robert Snead. Still to this day our town has a prominent fishing culture. At the beginning we were the first town allowed to travel by water ferry. This rising business brought in travelers from around the area and helped our budding town. We have grown from the small-town ferry system to a vibrant creative community. We still have our small-town charm but now with fun exciting events to share.

The one thing we love most about our little spot on the map besides the blue skies and sparkling waters is the unselfish members. We have kept our southern charm over the years and changed with the times. Our local volunteer firefighters help our town in any way possible. We take pride in our welcoming nature and work with each other to make this our oasis.

One event Sneads Ferry is especially proud of is the Shrimp Festival. Every year during the summer, the locals of Sneads Ferry get together and invite everyone they know. There is always food, vendors, and crafts for everyone. This festival is weekend long so you can spread out the activities. Since our town has a strong emphasis on seafood and we are the best seafood chiefs in North Carolina, its only right we have a shrimp festival for those we love. There are cooking demonstrations, tournaments, eating competitions and of course more shrimp then you know what to do with.

Most of all we are proud to be the self storage experts for Sneads Ferry. Stored Away Self Storage is here when the house is too cluttered or the office needs more space. We are happy to be part of this vibrant and charming town. Stop in to talk with us about other reason why we love our Sneads Ferry, NC community or get easy tips for your next big project.