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how to pack a storage unit

How to Pack a Storage Unit Like a Pro

Have you already found your storage unit with Stored Away Self Storage in Sneads Ferry, NC? Then it is time to start preparing your items for their stay with us. We offer helpful tips on how to best pack a storage unit to make the most of your rental space. For more expert advice, come see our staff on Highway 172 during office hours with any questions you come across in the rental process, or visit our Facebook page for self storage tips. Get started with Stored Away Self Storage!

Small Storage Units in Sneads Ferry NC

3 Tips: How to Pack Your Storage Unit

Map Out a Layout for Your Storage Unit

Keep valuables in the back and items you wish to access frequently up front by the door. We always recommend leaving space for an aisle in the center of your unit, so you have room to get to all of your items and move boxes around if need be. Be intentional with where you place your items in your storage unit, so you have a better chance of finding your items again later when you need them.

how to pack a storage unit

Purchase Quality Storage Supplies

Stored Away Self Storage sells packing supplies in our office on Highway 172. Stock up on boxes, bubble wrap, locks, and more before you start packing up your items. Make sure the boxes and bins you have already are sturdy and can safely be packed away for a few months. You will also want to evaluate any sensitive or fragile items you are storing to make sure you have extra accommodations, like additional padding or an air-tight container, to keep them safe long-term.

Label Wherever Necessary

If you cannot see the contents of a box or bin, write a quick note to remind yourself later, like “DVDs and CDs” or “winter clothes.” Then when you are looking for a specific item later, you can just reference your label instead of pulling open every box. Your labeling technique might be writing directly on the box, or it might look like making yourself a cheat sheet to reference. The key is finding the method that best allows you to remember the location of your items.

Stored Away Self Storage in Sneads Ferry, NC

Looking for residential or commercial storage near you? Stored Away Self Storage is close by on Highway 172. We offer drive-up storage units of all sizes to help you get organized. This storage is versatile to assist with your short-term organization or renovation projects, and it can take on heavier, ongoing loads. Stop into our storage office today to speak with our staff about the best storage solution for what you are looking to store. Secure your storage with us in person, over the phone, or online!

Do you prefer to rent storage contact-free? We allow you to look through our storage units and compare online, so you can work through the quick rental process on your own device in your own space. Stored Away Self Storage provides online storage tools to assist you in decisions like features and storage unit size. Find your storage unit online today!

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