Can you benefit from business storage?

Business storage Sneads Ferry NC

Is your business expanding rapidly? Sneads Ferry NC is home to many businesses and Stored Away Self Storage is there when the office needs organizing. With our experts, storage space and tools on site we are the best place to go. Business storage is for small and large businesses looking to grow. Sometimes there is a good deal on bulk supplies or the inventory is over flowing in the stock room, when this happens stop in to talk with us about space saving options.

Not sure if business storage is the right way to go? See what we recommend storing when you need to conserve space.

  • Important records from prior years can start to stack up quickly after a couple years in business. Organize them by year and month and then store them in their own area out of the office. Still accessible if you need them but will save space around the home office.
  • There is plenty of room for electronic items that may be useful later, but aren’t required now, like computers, laptops, telephones and radios. Consider a temperature controlled storage unit to help the electronic life last. The changing seasons can be hard on older technology.
  • Seasonal decorations make the office fun during a special occasion but they can also be tricky to find a home for. When it’s time to switch our the decor make it an easy transition with storage space. Pack it in a box and keep it safe for next year.

Staying on top of the incoming work should be all you need to focus on; let us handle the excess items. Keep your business moving in the right direction and store the extra tools with us.

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